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Parkhotel Harrachov - Wellness

Relax your body and mind in our wellness centre.

We can offer you a finnish sauna and infrasauna.

FINNISH SAUNA helps to relax the muscles and delivers new energy to the whole body. The many positive effects of sauna use include detoxification of the body and improvement of the body’s ability to heal itself. The ideal temperature for a Finnish sauna is 80-90 °C. Capacity of sauna is 7 people.

INFRASAUNA works on deep heating of the skin, muscles and internal organs with infra-red beams. Advance of this sauna is lower temperature in the cabin. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and releases back and spine pain. Capacity of infrasauna is 3 people.


Price for sauna is 150 CZK / hour / person

Price for private sauna is 270 CZK / hour / person


Rental of the sheets is included in prices.

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Actual summer offer